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We manufacture components such as Tanks (open / closed), Exchangers, Reactors and containers of all kinds made of carbon steel, special, stainless and alloyed materials.
  • Columns
    Columns of fractionation, absorption, and adsorption
  • Colonne
    Colonne di frazionamento, di absorbimento, e di adsorbimento
  • Boilers
    Steam generators and superheaters

Welding Service

D-PIPING S.R.L boasts over thirty years of experience in the field of industrial welding, providing the world with skilled labor with highly qualified personnel.

  • Carbon Steel
    Carbon Steel
  • Linked
    Alloy Steel CR.NO. (Low-linked)
  • Duplex
    Alloy Steel CR.NI. (High bound)
  • Super Duplex
    S. ST. Low Carb.
  • AISI 304/316/347H
    Height Carb.
  • 2507

Piping - Gas plants

We are specialized in the production of piping for PIPING systems.

The realization of which takes place in factories equipped and used for such processes.

Services performed:

  • Cutting operations with machine tools
  • Assembly and subsequent welding both manual (Tig. Electric Arc. Wire) and semi-automatic with Submerged Arc.

In addition to piping assembly, we perform:

  • Assembly of accessories and equipment (valves, reducers, filters or other equipment supplied by the customer)
  • Pneumatic testing of the finished SKID to verify the final seal of the system

Materials handled:

  • Carbon steel
  • Austenitic steels
  • Duplex

Construction and Assembly

The "Construction & Assembly" division manages the construction of industrial plants with prefabrication on its own premises or at external construction sites.

It deals with the realization of:

  • Structures and manufactured in special carbon steel
  • Components for thermal power plants, lines and assembly of utilities
  • Components for chemical process plants and packaging lines in the chemical industry
  • Compressed power stations complete with connection lines, equipment and utilities
  • Methanisation, welding and installation systems